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Maimounah, Tanzania

Maimunah Last Seder Arusha Tradition and South Yemenite Baladi

Secrets of the final seder (Maimunah) - traditionally five eggs and five greens beans on wheat flour, to remember the 10 lost tribes, or known traditionally as the ten Lost sons of Yisrael. Five eggs represented a belief that 5 sons are living hidden in very dry areas which we used to believe that in Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman, Iran, Suria and Africa. One day they will hatch out and go back home. The five green beans are those who went to far away countries with mountains and fertile soil such as Russia, Turkey, German, England, France and Italy and became farmers and forgot Israel. One day their seed will be taken by eagles back to their father Israel. Flour means we are returning from heavenly food Matzoh to earthly bread, and others fruit represent survival despite of all problems arounds us. We eat sweet food including honey to symbolize that we are no longer slaves and our lives are sweet. And sugar and lemon, as reminder, that despite sweetness in life always we do experience, sour and sweet, love and hate, that Nothing is permanent save for Adonoi, Banu Yisrai and the Torah
By Yehudah Kahalani (As told by my Saba and Grandmothers of blessed Memories)


Amir Yehudah