Commonwealth Interests

We help to advance the interests of the Commonwealth in several ways. Jewish tradition is unashamed about the right of humanity to manipulate the world for its advantage. We believe confidently in the use of human ingenuity to fix the world and its problems. That is why this need – to address the current issues facing the whole human population of the planet, let alone all the other flora and fauna who share it with us – urgently demands our attention and best efforts. If we’re in charge, we’d better take responsibility.

Commonwealth Values

We help raise awareness of our shared Jewish and Commonwealth values and of the advantages to communities that are guided by those values. For further details, click here

Commonwealth Cohesion

We contribute to social cohesion within the Commonwealth by bringing together people from different communities throughout the Commonwealth in mutual respect and understanding.

Faith in the Commonwealth


We run and support a number of campaigns to try to address some of the huge challenges facing countries within the Commonwealth.

Climate Champions

Our Climate Champions programme brings together representatives from across our communities to work on the climate crisis we are facing. By combining our knowledge and ideas, the group works on new initiatives at community level, and comes together to lobby our governments for policy change. For more details, click here

If you would like to be involved with the Climate Champions, or represent your country, be in touch with us below:

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Small Islands, Big Challenges

What you can ask governments and businesses to do...

We must do more to hold the world’s governments accountable for their commitments and make the instruments of international aid more responsive to the realities of climate change. We need to make our voices heard by decision-makers: governments, corporations, major institutions, and international bodies.

What you can do to stem climate change...

We can make small but significant steps towards saving the world.