Objectives and Values

Our Values

The Commonwealth Jewish Council was created by the unanimous agreement of Jewish leaders from 16 Commonwealth countries, meeting in London from 29th November to 1st December 1982. It now includes the Jewish communities of 38 countries with Hong Kong having observer status.

In April 2018, the CJC became fully accredited to the Commonwealth as one of only 75 organisations worldwide to receive that recognition.

We are devoted to helping Jewish communities throughout the Commonwealth to enhance the Jewish life of their members, live in safety and respect, and help them in their efforts to contribute to the wider society in which they live.

Working through four regional hubs, we share decision making with the communities to connect and network, to share understanding, resources, programmes and ideas, and to celebrate each community’s unique and individual culture.

Our Objectives

The work of the Council is funded by donations and subscriptions and the charity was registered on 27th July 1983 (No. 287564) with the Charity Commission. 

The CJC is affiliated to the World Jewish Congress. 

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