The CJC stands with Israel

Whatever your views on the complexities of the Middle East, all civilized people must be shocked by the savage inhumanity of the terrorist organisation Hamas's brutal, murderous rampage in Israel on October 7th. This was not warfare, nor a fight for freedom.

It was a simply designed to be, and was a massacre of Jews - babies, children, women and men, living ordinary lives, eating breakfast, enjoying a concert, working in the fields.

Our hearts go out to Israeli victims, Jews and non-Jews, as well as the innocent Palestinians in Gaza who have lost their lives as a consequence of this war that was started by Hamas' brutal attack and then left callously unprotected.

We also pray for the swift and safe return of the hostages, over a hundred of them, still held by Hamas and its allies in Gaza after more than a hundred days of terror.

Focus of Activities

The Commonwealth Jewish Council supports and protects Jewish communities within the Commonwealth and advances Commonwealth interests with campaigns, projects and shared Jewish values.

Current Programmes

Happy Independence Day in June to:

                                    1st: Samoa (62)

                               25th: Mozambique (49)

                                29th: Seychelles (48)